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Stand Up Paddle Boarding


SUP group

The sport that leaves you feeling like you're walking on water!

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) can be used to make journeys, surf, race or just chill out on the water.

SUP surfing   SUP race
  SUP sunset  

Learn the basics of this exciting sport here in Shropshire, then take your new skills anywhere in the world.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Price per person
1 person
2 people
1 day private tuition*
Half day private tuition*

'Test drive a board'

Try before you buy!*


'Test Drive A Board'

If you're considering buying a board and want to see if SUP is for you, then why not book a test drive on a Red Paddle Co board and try it before you buy!

*Option of try-before-you-buy. Tuition fees refunded when you purchase a SUP board from us!

Pictures courtesy of

Starboard UK and Red Paddle Co

Satrboard Red Paddle Co